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Karen Guy

Praktikant Karen arbetar med rengöring av en stor oljemålning i Måleriateljén. Hon tittar in i kameran och ler.

Master in Conservation of Historic Objects, University of Lincoln, England

Having previously studied Fine Art and Music at degree level, and working in photography archives for 8 years, I opted for a career change into conservation in order to use my practical skills and interest in arts and crafts.  I moved back to the UK from The Netherlands to study painting and frame conservation part-time, while working as a picture framer. I then continued on to study the Masters in Conservation of Historic Objects at the University of Lincoln. Throughout my studies I have maintained a strong interest in painting and frame conservation, decorative arts such as ceramics, conservation picture framing and frame making.

During my 3-month internship at SVK I have enjoyed spending time with Carin working on the consolidation, filling and retouching of ceramic tiles. The majority of the time has been spent with Ann-Marie in the painting conservation department where I have had the opportunity to carry out treatment on both paintings and gilt frames. During this period I have gained confidence in decision making, reinforcing techniques I have previously used, as well as learning new techniques such as the mounting of a traditional South-Swedish Bonad onto a supporting linen.

SVK provides a very welcoming environment with great facilities, balancing support with developing independent thinking. I have very much enjoyed my time here and will be sad to leave.

Senast uppdaterad: 2018-08-16 13:57