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Nordplus - adult education methods regarding built heritage in the Nordic-Baltic region

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Västarvet Kulturmiljö and Slöjd & Byggnadsvård represents Sweden in an educational project where six Nordic and Baltic countries co-operate. The aim is to learn from each other when it comes to adult education in the field of preservation of the built heritage.

To begin with, the partners identified common challenges related to such specific issues as energy savings in historic buildings: how to maintain the character using traditional methods and tools; how to save essential craft skills; the importance of the use of traditional building materials, for example. 

One of the results is a practical guide book that deals with energy saving in historic buildings: Practical guide - Measures for heat loss precention in historic buildings, using the experinece of the Baltic and Scandinavian states. It contains a collection of articles using the experience from case studies in the different countries, as well as a general chapter on methods and materials that are suitable in historic buildings. Read the book here (PDF)


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