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Every picture tells a story

It may be about everyday life and work, about hobbies and sports or about relations and people. Every photo has, quite simply, a story to tell, and that gives us the chance to see the changes in society over time.

The slide shows that you can see in the waiting room are parts of the project Kultur och hälsa [culture and health], a collaboration between Västarvet and Närhälsan in which the idea is to give you something a bit extra when you visit a clinic.

Some of the photos come from Västarvet’s digital collections and some from Alingsås Museum, Bohuslän Museum, Tidaholm Museum and Ulricehamn Museum.

The first slide show is about childhood, the second is about working life and industrial development and the third one is about sports and spare time. The fifth slide show is about agriculture, the sixth one is about fishing and the last slide show tells us the story of the factories and the people who worked in these facilities in Bohuslän during the 20th century.

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