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We offer professional support and advice, training and programme activities, project and development support. We also cooperate in the production of exhibitions, and create networks and contacts to ensure that everybody has the chance to become acquainted with and develop the utility and pleasure of handicrafts.

Our activities take place in particular in school and education, preventive health care and medical care, as experiences in culture and tourism, and as products and inspiration in the design and furnishing industry. Handicraft can also be a way of working on questions concerning integration, hbt and human rights.

We offer

  • Advice and cooperation in project and process development
  • Courses and further education
  • Contact interfaces with civil society, industry and commerce and official bodies
  • Networks of specialists
  • Further training and coaching for craft entrepreneurs
  • Libraries and exhibitions
  • Provision  of tutor-led services
  • Inspiring flow in social media
Updated: 2017-06-13 11:08