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Development and Process Support

Exploitation of our natural and cultural heritage has great potential as a contribution to development of places and municipalities and also for the whole Västra Götaland region. If that is to happen cooperation is required between different players – and also a more prominent place for matters of natural and cultural heritage in municipal development strategies.

Västarvet’s developers and process managers are a support in this work. Together we can create the preconditions for site development based on local tradition and history, greater commerce and tourism.

We are used to, and have long experience of, managing processes and helping with the development of plans and strategies, running workshops and thinktanks and assisting in finding financing. 

We offer

  • To act as a sounding board for a municipality or organization’s development projects
  • A regional overview and connection with other players and networks
  • A contact interface with Västarvet’s full range of specialist competence
  • To connect local initiatives with regional strategies and programmes
Updated: 2017-10-18 12:38