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LAB190 - the route towards a sustainable society

Foto Anders M Nilsson

LAB190 is a long-term collaboration platform for creating a model area for sustainable development.

We focus on green industries, sustainable tourism and infrastructure to connect the landscape along road 190 between Hjällbo and Nossebro.

The collaboration platform consists of the city of Gothenburg, the municipalities of Lerum, Alingsås, Essunga, the Gothenburg region, Business Region Göteborg, the County administrative board Västra Götaland and Region Västra Götaland/Västarvet.

LAB190 collaboration is based on a common development plan. For each year, the plan is revised and attached with a report of completed activities and the introduction of new ones.
Some of the activities are carried out within the framework of the parties regular work, while others are projects with external funding. You will find the current development plan and the previous ones below.

Continuous landscape

Road 190 is about 70 km long and cuts through four municipalities; Gothenburg, Lerum, Alingsås and Essunga. It is part of one of the green wedges that is highlighted in the Structural Image for the Gothenburg Region (GR) as important for sustainable social development.

The Vättlefjäll-Risvedenkilen is the green wedge with the largest area of agricultural land and is a vigorous countryside in direct contact with the metropolitan area and suburps areas of Northeast Gothenburg. In Essunga, the structural image of the Gothenburg region meets the structure image for Skaraborg. In Skaraborg, the line is pointed out via 190 as an important link between the structural images - a so called LINK area.

Collaboration within the LAB190 is based on the European Landscape Convention and its intentions. The concept of landscape is central. A landscape is interrelated regardless of territorial or subject boundaries. Another important starting point is the residents' opportunities to influence and contribute to the development of the landscape. We believe that a broad collaboration around the area's development strengthens the interaction between the city and the country.

Food, tourism and infrastructure

LAB 190 was initiated in 2013 through a feasibility study where Västarvet invited representatives from Gothenburg, Lerum, Alingsås and Essunga (together with the Gothenburg region's municipal association and the County Administrative Board Västra Götaland) to a bus trip along road190 and a follow-up seminar. At the latter, the participants agreed that FOOD, TOURISM and INFRASTRUCTURE were three important themes to focus on.

There is a working group for each of these themes. The groups work in collaboration with companies, associations and actors in the area, so that we together can create sustainable development in the area.

Do you want to know more?

Anders M Nilsson, Västarvet
Mobile: 0704-81 67 64

Björn Ohlén, Västarvet
Mobile: 0708-72 37 69

Updated: 2017-02-08 10:24