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Cultural heritage for future generations

The big question is how we can work to prevent damage to outdoor and indoor environments. We can create good chances of the future also having an attractive history by using analysis, action plans and long-term management.

Climate changes affect history

Climate change is a reality and will lead to different weather and temperatures, higher water levels, more frequent extreme weather events etc. Climate change will affect not only the future but also our history.

Cultural environment work given a new dimension

Historic remains and environments are important, not only for understanding our present society and our age, but also as educational resources and assets for tourism and the hospitality industry. The continuous care and mediation work that takes place to maintain the value and content of historic environments must now be given one more dimension.

Västra Götaland and Halland counties' cultural heritage, as in selected and protected historic environments and items, has been examined in the context of climate changes that will take place over the next hundred years.

The result is a strategy for managing climate change challenges in cultural environment work in Västra Götaland and Halland counties. The investigation was carried out as a project from autumn 2014 until autumn 2016. It was a collaboration project between Västarvet, Halland Cultural Environment and the County Administrative Boards in Västra Götaland and Halland counties.

The effects of climate change on cultural heritage

The project created a digital map tool that shows the cultural heritage of Halland and Västra Götaland counties alongside a map layer of future climate changes.

This can be found at

There is also a guide here for the map tool (pdf in Swedish).


Regional action plans for climate adaptation are part of the government's commission to county administrative boards in Sweden to coordinate work with climate adaptation. They were adopted in June 2014 and will be continuously updated. "Cultural heritage for future generations" is one part of this regional climate adaptation work.

Updated: 2017-02-08 11:53