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Car-sharing: We Are Together

Why not car-share to one or more of our cultural attractions? There are maybe others who have similar plans to you! We Are Together is a car-sharing service to help you travel with others.

Together, towards new experiences!

Our region has many cultural treasures, but some of them can be difficult to reach without a car. To increase their accessibility, Västra Götaland Region is now launching We Are Together, a car-sharing service where private individuals can find or offer trips to exciting places and excursions.

On the website you can say when you are going to drive to a museum, for example, and how many passengers you can take in your car. If you want a lift instead, you can see different dates when car-sharing is offered and easily find a lift to your destination. You can also create your own requests to get a lift with someone. Our county has a fantastic choice of natural experiences, culture and museums.

Many people who are driving have places to spare, so why not take other people on the trip?" says Sofia Olofsson, communicator at the Nordic Watercolour Museum. That was what we thought when we started up the service, plus it benefits the environment and gives people the opportunity to visit cultural and natural attractions in the region.

Sustainable travel in focus

The project started as an initiative from the Nordic Watercolour Museum, and the service has now been extended to fourteen destinations in collaboration with Västra Götaland Region. We hope that the service will be widely used and will spread among those interested in culture.

"Västra Götaland Region is investing in sustainable transport such as public transport and cycling, but also car-sharing. It is based on the political goal of making it easier to travel sustainably and to make culture accessible to more people," says Tomas Zeljko, communicator at Västra Götaland Region.

"The so-called sharing economy services such as Airbnb and AirDine have grown exponentially in recent years and have many thousand users. A forum is provided, but users are encouraged to take the initiative. We see a lot of positive aspects in this trend. These days we can rent each other's apartments and eat out with strangers, so why not ride in a car together?" says José Lagunas Vargas, communicator at Västra Götaland Region.

Visit the website to search for passenger places or to say where you are driving to. Click here to visit We Are Together.

About “We Are Together”

We Are Together is a car-sharing service for everyone interested in culture in Västra Götaland. Good for the environment, good for accessibility and good for your wallet.

Visit the website to search for passenger places or to say where you are driving to. Click here to visit We Are Together.

Updated: 2017-02-15 14:57