About Västarvet


Västarvet is Sweden's largest regional natural and cultural heritage administration and is part of the Region Västra Götaland's organisation. We manage activities at six museums and attractions as well as running operations in eight different areas within the natural and cultural heritage sector.

Västarvet administration is part of the Region Västra Götaland. We are an executive administration and receive commissions from the region's cultural board. 

Our concept is to showcase history and enrich the social environment for people's future and for sustainable social development. Our task is to administrate the rich cultural and natural heritage in the region and to make it accessible and lively.

We work in the whole of Västra Götaland

Västarvet runs the cultural attractions of Forsviks Bruk, the Gothenburg Museum of Natural History, Lödöse Museum, Crafts & Building Care, Vitlycke Museum in Tanum's World Heritage and Vänersborg Museum. Our regional work is based in these places, as well as in Skara, Skövde and Borås. We work in all 49 municipalities in the region and key concepts for us include regional responsibilities, overviews and knowledge, networking and collaboration.

Regional work includes archaeology, building care, the natural and cultural environment, crafts, conservation, development and process support, educational aspects and exhibitions. Västarvet is active in all these areas in the form of advisers, i.e. services are offered free of charge, as well as consulting services.

Over 160 staff

In total we have over 160 staff in the organisation, but due to the seasonal nature of activities at several of the cultural attractions, the workforce is larger in the summer than in the winter.

Marianne Dahlquist is the administration manager.

For more information about Västra Götaland Region's cultural activities, click here. Click the link to access culture at vgregion.se.

Västarvet's Board

Västarvet's board

The Västarvet board consists of seven members, with Perallan Orrbeck (L) as the chair and Gunilla Josefsson (S) as the deputy chair. All the members of the board for the mandate period 2015-2018 are found here.

Västarvet's commission

The decision on the cultural board's long-term commission to Västarvet for the period 2015-2017 is found here. Click the link to see our political commissions (pdf).

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