Welcome to The Green Heart of Gothenburg!

Explore the kingdom of plants at The Botanical Garden, and enjoy a close encounter with wild animals from around the world at The Natural History Museum. And discover nature at its best in Slottsskogen – a city park with a zoo and stunning natural surroundings!


Go for a tour!

Take a guided train from the city center to the Green Heart of Gothenburg. The Train departs from Gustav Adolf’s Square on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 11.30 between 27th of June to 17th of August. 

Make your booking at www.stinsensightseeing.se 

Experience The Green Heart on wheels

There are more than 1000 bicycles for rent in 60 places in Gothenburg. 

Check out www.goteborgbikes.se

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Take a green break!

Explore the kingdom of plants at The Botanical Garden, and enjoy a close encounter with wild animals from around the world at The Natural History Museum. And discover nature at its best in Slottsskogen – a city park with a zoo and stunning natural surroundings!

How about some 16 000 different species of plants? Welcome to the Botanical Garden!

Explore more than 40 hectares of garden area, which provides you with enough chlorophyll for a lifetime! Here you’ll find everything from kitchen and herb gardens to a mirror pond and our beautiful Rock Garden, which includes a waterfall, 5 000 species of plants and has received 3 stars in the Guide Michelin.

In our Greenhouses we grow a large collection of tropical orchids and the rare Toromiro tree. Our Bulb Garden contains of one of the world´s largest collections of bulb plants from Mediterranean and dry steppe climates, such as tulips, daffodils, irises and fritillaries.

During spring and early summer we recommend a walk through the Wood Anemone Valley, when the flowers cover the ground almost like snow. In our Rhododendron Valley you’ll find species and cultivars from Asia and North America, while our beautiful Japanese Glade is a place for quiet contemplation. And don’t miss that outside our gates there is a nature reserve with our Arboretum, containing thousands of exotic shrubs and trees.

At our entrance there is a garden shop and in the middle of the garden there is a restaurant. We are open daily from 9 am until sunset. Voluntary fee to the garden is 2 € (20 SEK).

Phone: +46 (0)31- 741 11 00
E-mail: botaniska.tradgarden@vgregion.se
Website: www.gotbot.se

Have you ever wanted to stand eye to eye with animal wildlife from around the world? Welcome to The Natural History Museum!

Welcome to the house of biodiversity! We showcase the origins of life on our planet, alongside wild animals from all over the world, as well as our native species. In our famous Dioramas you’ll get a peepshow of animals in frozen moments in their native surroundings, created by an illusionistic effect.

In the museum you can browse through a vast collection of birds, animals living on land and in water, a geology section and a cabinet of curiosities. In our Mammals Gallery you’ll find yourself standing eye to eye with a hippopotamus, antelopes, bears, lions, monkeys, and lots of other animals.

And don’t miss the world’s largest stuffed blue whale, the African elephant and other preserved celebrities in our exhibitions!

In the museum’s collections there are close to ten million preserved animals – used for scientific research and exhibitions.

Our gift shop offers toys, home decoration and clothes that are both eco-friendly and inspired by nature.  Our Green Room Café, with a lovely view of Slottsskogen, serves lunch and homemade cookies.

Phone: + 46 (0)10 - 441 44 00
E-mail: gnm@vgregion.se
Website: www.gnm.se

Recreation, activities and fun in stunning natural surroundings? Welcome to Slottsskogen City Park!

For over 100 years, Slottsskogen has been a park where the people of Gothenburg have gone to relax and recreate. It has something for everyone – extensive grassed areas for picnics and playing, a zoo with free admission, and activities for visitors of all ages.

Here you’ll find large grassed areas, winding paths, cottages representing historical building styles in various parts of the country, and a dance pavilion. The zoo in Slottsskogen is one of the oldest in Sweden and focuses on tame and wild Nordic animals such as elks, deer, sheep, goats, seals, Gotland ponies and Öland geese. During the summer, there’s also a Children’s zoo, where the children can learn more about the Nordic animals.

For those who want to exercise, there are paved and unpaved tracks for walking, jogging or skating. In the park, you can play Frisbee golf, minigolf and beach volleyball or use the open areas for football and rounders.

In Slottsskogen you will find the largest playground in Gothenburg, it is also the city's first excursion playground – an exciting and stimulating setting that encourages young and old alike to play and try different activities. There are unique climbing frames, chessboards, an outdoor gym, table tennis tables, accessible play equipment, barbecue facilities and a 15 meter long whale model to play in and climb on.

Slottsskogen has a rich program of musical and cultural happenings and in August every year the world acclaimed Way Out West music festival is held in the park. There are also a couple of restaurants and coffee shops in the park and its surroundings.

Slottsskogen is open day and night, all year round. The Children’s zoo is open every day between 10:00 and 16:30 during the summer.

Phone: + 46 (0)31-365 00 00 (switch board)
E-mail: goteborg@goteborg.se
Website: www.goteborg.se/slottsskogen

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