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Heritage in Progress Conferene in Tanum World Heritage

On the 7th – 9th of November we welcome you to HIP - Heritage in Progress - a conference on understanding and intercultural competence. For three days we will dwell in to how a world heritage or a heritage site can be a used as a potential tool for intercultural dialogue. Welcome to Tanum World Heritage!

The HIP conference is for you who works or are in any way affected by the context a world/cultural heritage site. The conference wants to spread knowledge and inspiration on how to work with what you have locally and show you what you could accomplish by minor adjustments and good will.  

By inviting representatives from all the world/cultural heritage sites in Europe and beyond into the collaboration intercultural dialogue, we believe we create the possibilities for a continued development and generate more knowledge around the cultural heritage as a meeting point and the connection between cultures - then, now and for a sustainable future. 

From the Programme


In 1996 Laponia was made a world heritage site by the UNESCO, this means that the area is important to the whole world to maintain and nurture for future generations. The nomination was based upon the combination of unique nature and the cultural heritage that is part of the area. The nature not only holds the ancient history of earth but also the history of men. The landscape has through the decades been shaped by Sapmi and still is. Welcome, Åsa Nordin Jonsson!


GoUNESCO is a citizen led umbrella of initiatives that make heritage more engaging. Started in January 2012 as a travel challenge with the goal of visiting all world heritage sites in India, GoUNESCO now has grown to a multitude of initiatives. Welcome Ajay Reddy!

More will be announced soon!

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For questions or information about the program contact: Johan Gustafsson, Västarvet. E-post: johan.d.gustafsson@vgregion.se Tfn: +46 (0)724-46 12 74