Our cultural attractions are certified

All Västarvet museums are now certified by Swedish Welcome. We have been a member of the organisation since it started and four of Västarvet's cultural attractions – Lödöse museum, Vitlycke museum, Bohuslän Museum and Forsviks Bruk Industrial Museum – were included in the pilot project, which was the basis for certification work.

"Swedish Welcome's detailed review of our museums is a very useful complement to our own public surveys and helps us to be aware of what visitors see – and what they don't see. This feedback is important for our development work and will help us to improve visitors' experiences, which is very much in our interest," says Jaana Atosuo, Head of Communications & Marketing at Västarvet.

Secret visitors

Swedish Welcome uses a working method that comes mainly from Scotland and New Zealand. The method is both exciting and effective. The attractions are visited by professional advisers, so-called "mystery guests', who visit the places anonymously and assess them on the basis of carefully defined criteria.

In the next stage, the representatives from Swedish Welcome come back to a meeting. The agenda at this meeting includes discussions and assessment of criteria such as environmental and social sustainability, finance, and energy consumption. The visits and subsequent meeting result in a checklist, which is used as a practical tool when developing and improving activities.

Promises to our visitors

The certification process and its various aspects create a good overall evaluation. It includes the visitor experience and quality factors for soft values as well as the development of sustainable activities. These two aspects give an overall breadth which would otherwise require a number of tools.

All the members of Swedish Welcome undertake to meet a number of promises to their visitors. You can read exactly what these promises are all about here.

Updated: 2017-02-15 16:06